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The Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)

The ASC logo for responsible aquaculture was developed in 2009 under the auspices of the WWF. It is based on the MSC label for products from fisheries, i.e. wild fish catches. The standards, which were devised by fish farmers, environmental experts and other groups, cover the following criteria:

  • The origin of the fish feed must be traceable (under no circumstances from overfished stocks). The use of GMO must be declared
  • Genetically modified creatures are prohibited
  • The aquaculture location must be suitable for fish rearing.
  • Evidence of a low mortality rate must be provided for the rearing period
  • Water quality must be ensured in favour of the fish
  • The use of antibiotics is only permitted in the case of fish illness and must be subject to medical monitoring

The ASC logo is a consumer label. It provides information, an orientation, and decision-making aids for environmentally aware consumers on sustainable fishery products. Fish currently offered on the market with the ASC label are trout, shrimps, salmon, mussels, pangasius and tilapia.

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