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Scottish farmed salmon

Scotland is known for many things: For the botanist, it’s the thistle which is the Scottish national flower; For the musician, it’s the bagpipes; For the functional fashionista, it’s the kilt; For the outdoors person, it’s the highlands; For the sports person, it’s golf and for the lover of legends, it’s the Loch Ness monster. But for the gastronomist, it is Scottish salmon.
Warmed by the Gulfstream waters, Scotland has around 16,500 km of coastline and over 800 islands. Inparticular it is the western coastline riddled with lochs and exotic island havens like the Orkney Isle, the Shetland Isles, the Isle of Arran, the Isle of Skye and the Hebrides Isles that provide the perfect home for raising salmon.
According to the Scottish Salmon Producers’ Organisation, the Scottish farmed salmon industry “is a key part of Scotland’s world-renowned food industry, accounting for around 40% by value of total Scottish food exports”. While the Scottish salmon industry is considered to be the most heavily regulated aquaculture industry in the world, salmon farmers also embrace certified aquaculture to ensure responsible animal welfare, food safety, environmental and social practices are implemented on the water. The result is high respect and demand for farmed salmon with Scottish provenance. Scottish salmon has EU protected geographical indication (PGI) status, “PGI is awarded by the European Commission and is an initiative which protects and promotes the designation of a quality food or farmed product, linked to the name of a region, a specific location or, in exceptional cases, that of a country.” Additionally, ‘Scottish Quality Salmon’ has been awarded the French seal of quality, ‘Label Rouge’. 
Just recently, His Royal Highness Prince Charles visited a certified aquaculture salmon farm to learn more about the latest innovations in animal husbandry and welfare. While you may not have the chance to visit Scotland, look for certified aquaculture salmon products at your local retailer. To learn more about the GGN certified Scottish Salmon Company farm, click here.