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GGN - Your Direct Connection to the Farm

There is one thing that the majority of consumers want above all: a clear answer to the question of whether a product meets their fundamental requirements of aquaculture that is safe and healthy, socially and ecologically acceptable, and ethically responsible. At the other end of the chain, it is important for the farmer to know that his work is being communicated clearly and understandably all the way to the consumers, in accordance with independently certified standards.

In addition to its own logo, GGN offers to appear as a partner with other logos, to simplify the communication between aquafarmers and consumers. In these partnerships, GGN offers verification that all the requirements of the GLOBALG.A.P. Standard are fulfilled and, additionally, that the farm fulfils the specific criteria of the partner standard, such as  FoS or other organic standard, such as Naturland.

Moreover, provides a GGN search function that makes it possible to obtain information about the original breeding farm and the certification of a product.