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Fun fish facts in time for Easter

Fish is a light and delicious part of any meal, and the timing of Easter in spring makes it an obvious choice for your family for Easter dinner. If you are looking for a sustainable, nutritious, and most importantly, delicious meal to cook for your family’s Easter dinner, keep reading!


Why is fish such a popular Easter dish?

Good Friday is a traditional day for fish, which carries over to the Easter celebration of Jesus’s sacrifice. Fish takes less time to cook than meat and following the Lent season many people prefer a lighter meal to break their period of fasting. In addition to these reasons, fish is also a great fit for the start of the spring season! Another good reason to build your Easter meal around fish is that it is a healthy option that is just tasty.


Understanding aquaculture and where today’s fish originates

Did you know that every other fish we buy today comes from aquaculture? But not all aquaculture is the same – make sure to look for labels when buying fish. Certified aquaculture produces farm-raised fish that are more sustainable and better for the environment, and it creates a product that is fun to cook and offers high nutritional value. These farms are regulated and controlled by independent bodies which ensure that the farms adhere to environmentally sustainable practices. The GLOBALG.A.P. certification process allows consumers to feel confident in their food choices.


What is the GGN label?

GGN is the 13-digit number that identifies each certified farm. This number allows the consumer to track where their fish was produced by typing the number at and thus find out more about the farmers who raise it. No genetically modified species are allowed in GLOBALG.A.P. certified farms, the fish are not bred from wild sources, and the farms operate with globally accepted practices that protect the environment and animal welfare.


Look for the GGN label when you buy your fish for Easter!

If you like to cook and eat fish, be sure to look for the GGN label when you go shopping for your Easter dinner! Your family and the environment will thank you for choosing a fish from certified production. You will be doing your part to keep fishing safe and sustainable and help mitigate the negative effects of the fish industry.

Cooking fish is a great way to stretch your culinary skills and expand your repertoire of healthy and nutritious foods to offer your family.